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Family Law: Attorney Profile, Bryan / College Station TX

Courtney Allen, Attorney at Law

Courtney Allen graduated Texas A&M University in the class of ’96. She graduated from the Regent University School of Law in the class of ’99. Courtney served in the Child Support Division of the Attorney General’s office for 7 years. Her last two years there she served as Managing Attorney of the Plano office. Courtney has handled literally thousands of cases. Her experience has given her intimate knowledge of family law and an expertise in child support cases.

Courtney served an average of 2 days in court per week for years. She is experienced and fierce in a courtroom, but approaches family law with the goal of peaceful resolution whenever possible.

Family law attorneys are often hired during difficult times in our lives.  Courtney Allen’s approach to family law is inclusive and informative. She knows how to help her clients understand and answer the difficult questions.

Don’t go it alone. Hire an experienced attorney that can help you get through your legal questions and needs. Call Courtney Allen’s office today to schedule a consultation.

Over 17 Years Experience in Family Law

Texas A & M Class of '96

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